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From solder wick and tip tinner to soldering stations and fume extraction, we have what you need for your production and assembly needs. We carry every major brand. American Hakko, Chemtronics, Edsyn, Metcal, and Tech Spray. Don't see what you need? We can help! Please contact customer service at 800-718-1010.


Cleaning Pins, Nozzles and drills
Convection Tools & Preheaters
Flux Dispensers
Flux Pens
Flux Remover
Fume Extractors
Heating Elements
Hot Tweezers
Metcal Solder Tip Cartridges
Plato Solder Tips
Solder Flux
Solder Masking Agents
Solder Pots
Solder Reel
Solder Stations
Solder Wick
Temperature Calibration
Tip Cleaners
Tip Tinner