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Duster, GUST Easy Duster

Duster, GUST Easy DusterStoner
Item #: C100-100-8
Size: 8 oz
Color: ......
Packaging: 1/EA
Regular Price:: $7.95
Internet Special: $6.50 / EA

GUST Compact Easy Duster

GUST Easy duster, quickly blows dust, dirt, lint, hair, sand, sawdust, moisture and microscopic debris from hard-to-reach areas or delicate surfaces. GUST is like a compact, portable air compressor you can hold in your hand. When you Dust with GUST, you get a blast of extremely clean, filtered, moisture-free, high pressure gas that will not scratch or harm glass, optics, metals, plastics, rubber, or hardware when used as directed.

• Contains 8 oz. of 100% pure difluoroethane
• Blasting power exceeds 70 psi.
• Filtered to 0.2 microns
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